GingaWall® Lite

Ideal as a training tool for football clubs, for coaches and for training individually or with friends

A tool, registered and patented, used to simulate, through countless exercises and exercises, the same game situations that regularly occur on the pitch during a match.


It improves every single technical gesture of the player, favoring the development of specific motor coordination, speed and reactivity in game actions.

It is inspired and reproduces characteristics of street football with a wide didactic variety and methodological organization.

By perfecting individual skills and creating greater self-esteem, it also produces effects in the formation of character and personality.

Innovative tool with three different angles: inclined wall, wall and ramp, such as to produce different bounce trajectories, can be defined as a multifunctional tool that fits effectively in football technique training programs and above all is suitable for players of all levels and all ages.


The durability of the products represents the starting point of our environmental sustainability strategy. In addition, the panels are made with various layers of recycled paper impregnated with thermosetting resins and high pressure compressed. The challenge is to minimize the environmental impact of our products and our work.

Thanks to the new design with rounded corners, all edges have been eliminated, while the metal parts have been replaced by molded ABS inserts. The GingaWall 2.0 are also water repellent, fire retardant, heat resistant, non-toxic and will not undergo oxidation phenomena over time.

The high pressure production guarantees exceptional characteristics of mechanical, physical and chemical resistance. The high density panels boast very high performance. The GingaWall 2.0 are therefore resistant to all weather conditions, wear, abrasion, tears, scratches and impacts.

Thanks to the significant weight reduction and the creation of a grip handle, the GingaWall 2.0 can be easily moved by themselves with maximum comfort.

The locking studs prevent the GingaWall 2.0 from sliding on grass or synthetic surfaces.
Optional : Rubberized feet prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

Access to the reserved area on the 1VS1 website and to the demo videos relating to the individual exercises and exercises

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