The training model uses a fundamental tool, a registered and patented wall called GINGAWALL ® (registered trademark), used to simulate, through countless exercises and exercises, the same game situations that regularly occur on the pitch during a match. The constant repetition of the exercises and exercises will allow to engrave the technical gesture at a neurological level in the “muscle memory” of the player allowing him to instinctively carry out it with maximum intensity and to increase the speed with which thought is translated into action.

The GINGA is originally the basic step of capoeira, the unifying element between attack shots, defensive dodges and purely acrobatic elements. In football, the GINGA belongs above all to the great champions who have formed playing on the street because the road, full of obstacles, walls and sidewalks, makes the ball take the most unexpected directions, forcing you to develop the skills necessary to tame it.


Dimensions: 80×80 cm

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Dimensions: 60×60 cm

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Dimensions: 60×25 cm

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