A tool for many professional clubs

Today the training methodology and the GingaWalls are not only part of the work of hundreds of Italian amateur sports clubs, but are also an important tool for the training of many professional Serie A and Serie B clubs.

Top clubs like Inter, Juventus, Lazio, Turin, Salernitana and champions like Franck Ribery and Romelu Lukaku train with the GingaWall and the 1VS1 methodology.

Massimiliano Allegri

“The only way to improve is by repeating technical gestures as much as possible. You need to work on details and single players as it is only though individual growth that they can be useful to the team. The most important things are passion in teaching and the feeling you experience when you see a player improve.”

Daniele De Rossi

“I would have loved to have had the chance to train using 1VS1 exercises as a child. The work carried out is fundamental for footballers, it is a veritable school of football technique”

Michele Placido

“The teaching method of the 1VS1 school is wonderful. It provides exercises with an innovative tool which is fundamental today for the youth football sector. With 1VS1 my son Gabriele has improved incredibly”

Bruno Conti

“I was impressed by the technique, intensity and speed of execution of the Italian national football team amputees. They train with the 1VS1 method which excellently communicates these three fundamental elements for any footballer. For me they should also adopt it in the youth sectors. I congratulate you, a big hug.”

Alessio Sakara

“The 1VS1 world is different. It goes beyond traditional football methods. I’m a ‘legionnaire’ on the ring, while kids are legionnaires on the pitch. Kids can learn the basic techniques from these exercises.”