Become a 1VS1 Personal Coach

For coaches and / or athletic trainers, the opportunity is offered to create a real remunerative job through the opening of a 1VS1 Academy that offers footballers lessons in paid football technique to be carried out on an individual and / or collective basis.
To become a 1VS1 Personal Coach it will be necessary to participate in an information path that is divided into several phases both online and in person with technical and educational simulations in the field.

The 1VS1 methodology and the use of GINGAWALLs are an exceptional support for obtaining important improvements in a short time for young players of all technical levels.
It will be sufficient to find a playing field (five-a-side football, 8-a-side football or 11-a-side football) in your area of competence to have available on certain days and times. We will take care of the rest.

A unique method that brings back the time in which kids used to play on the streets

In the international football scene 1VS1 is an innovative and revolutionary training methodology. It is based on exercises and exercises that reproduce the playing conditions of the past (when playing on the street), but with a future projection and vision.

Thanks to a team of selected professional coaches and the use of original tools, 1VS1 is a unique training model that combines TECHNIQUE with COACHING